Easy gardening tips

Easy gardening tips
Easy gardening tips (Thinkstock Photos/Getty Images)
Some tips to deal with dirty fingernails, delicate saplings and more

Gardening can be fun and it's a complete stress-buster too, however, there are some problems we all face. Here's how to deal with some of them.

-To avoid getting soil under your fingernails when digging the dirt in your garden, just swipe your finger nails over a bar of soap in such a way that the hard soap gets accumulated under them. Now get your hands as dirt as you want, because when you're done, all you have to do is wash the soap away with a brush and water. No more blackened nails!

-Young saplings are delicate and can be harmed under extreme temperatures. If your plants are very young, plant them in small clay pots. They are warm in the cold. And in extreme summers, just spray the pots with water to keep your saplings cool.

-Give a little boost to your soil acidity by mixing it with some ground tea and coffee every 25-30 days, if you are growing blueberries or gardenias.

-To keep damp fungus at bay, you can use chamomile tea around the base of your plants, over the soil. Just pour a little tea to the soil where the plant has its roots.