How to spend a weekly off beautifully

How to spend a weekly off beautifully
How to spend a weekly off beautifully (Thinkstock photos/Getty Images)
Leisure is very important in life and when you can squeeze in some time for yourself, it's important to enjoy those free moments.

One day sans responsibility and that daily hustle, who wouldn't love to have. So, given a chance, if you are going to have spare and leisurely time, go ahead and grab those moments to make it a happening day and night of your life, because these moments are hard to come by. Here's how:

Rock on
Arrange the music, set up a party decor and bring it on in style. Invite your close friends who you want to spend time with and make it a rocking day with fun and food.

A stag or a hen party
If you are a guy, you can go for a stag party's and soak yourself in the fun. If you are a girl, you can seek the company of girls and arrange a hen party. All in all the mantra is to enjoy every moment and every second of that day.

Take a deep breath and sleep
If you have been missing our on sleep, this could be the best way to compensate your body for lost hours of sleep. Just relax and sleep and stay lazy. Don't think about alarm, door bell or anything.

Watch movies
Watch your favourite movies back to back. Don't step into the kitchen. If you are hungry, order from outside and make merry. Make a point to enjoy every moment spent at home. Listening to your fave music also let you unwind and prepare for future work assignments. So go ahead and make the most of your holiday.