Add magic to your home decor

Add magic to your home decor
Add magic to your home decor (Thinkstock Photos/Getty Images)
Bring in the change in your decor. 

Proper lighting: Lighting can make or break a room: Mood lighting is very essential part of decor. Invest in a nice table lamp. Even hanging lamps will add much magic to your room.

A little bit of greenery: The sure shot way to add life to your room is to have an element of greenery in the room. Having plants in a room also has a soothing effect on one's mind. You can also have fresh flowers in the vase. The fragrance of jasmine in a room really uplifts the soul. In your kitchen, add a small herb garden to your windowsill to add life to the room. Plus, they taste great!

Framed memories: Photographs are wonderful ways to add warmth and a sense of vibrancy to your home decor. Photographs that recall fond memories also can give a personal touch to your home. It brings in loads of happy memories. If you have old family photographs, then have these framed and hang them on the wall. Choose your frames carefully. A frame adds much life to photographs.

Fabric magic: Fabric is an easy and inexpensive way to combine all the elements of your room. Break in the monotony and play with your imagination. Think beyond only the ready-made fabric. Have fun by combining patterns, styles and different textures of fabric in accessories and furniture.