Give your home a 'rustic' makeover

Give your home a 'rustic' makeover
Give your home a 'rustic' makeover (Thinkstock photos/Getty Images)

Here's how to give your home that comfy look without breaking the bank

Want to change the look of your urban dwelling into something more 'up country'? With the year-end spending rearing its head already, chances are you might not be able to get in new furniture or go in for a full paint job. Here's how to transform your home with a few smart ideas....

1) First, a list: If you're going to transform your space, first make room for change. There may be things you won't need to keep and chances are, the home will look better without them. So, go through your possessions and see what has to be retained.

2) Colour choosing: If you can paint a single wall or wallpaper it, it might do much to alter your home. Since it's a 'country look' you want, stick with light colours for the walls, like cream or white. Using wallpaper in light orange or burnt brown might also light up the room.

3) Flowers: The easiest way to bring the outdoors inside is through plants. Try large arrangements in coloured, eclectic vases to bring about a pastoral feel to the home. Gladiolas, hydrangeas and liluims work well in that regard.

4) Cushions and throws A comfortable look is also attained by simply adding kilims on a floor or multi-printed throws over a sofa. Cushions with graphics can lessen the formal look of a place, giving it an easy feel.

5) Natural light Another element that plays a crucial role in a home is light. Switch off those strong bulbs and make more room for the natural elements to come in. You can have a skylight in your hall or make a window larger and add sheer curtains to it