Here is the new WINDOWS 10 !!!

Lots of rumours had been spreading about MICROSOFT's new upcoming version of windows .
Here lets have a quick look at it ..........

The next gen WINDOWS is on its way and is expected to arrive in 2015.
There had been lots os rumours about windows 9 but unfortunately the name is WINDOWS 10.Its expected to be a much advanced and modified version of WINDOWS 8 .The developer preview will be available soon for download.But is recommended to download a full version since the work is not yet completed.

Interesting features in WINDOWS 10 :
  • A new advanced START MENU. Its just the windows similar to the versions before windows 8 .But still Windows 8 tiles are also included as shown above .
  • Can restore and maximise any windows store app .And is convenient with any devices.

  • Easier for MULTITASKING with multiple windows and multiple desktops.

So enjoy and stay tuned for new updates...........